Matthew S. Tanico

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6th Year (2011)

Photo by Gennadi Novash, courtesy of Peak Performances at Montclair State University

Ph.D.  Yale University, expected May 2017. Renaissance Studies and Spanish

Dissertation: “The World of Things in Don Quixote”

Abstract: In my dissertation I investigate the ways in which Miguel de Cervantes incorporates objects into his novel Don Quixote as avatars for literary creation. In the same way that Don Quixote reads the world around him as though it were a chivalric romance, I read that same world through a disenchanted lens. Each chapter delves into a particular object from the text—the memory book, chains and strings, bells, guns—by exploring its historical background and literary precursors. I then analyze the way that information enlightens the narrative in which the thing appears, excavating a fictional world that is both verisimilar and yet still fantastical. The project has both scholarly and pedagogical objectives.

M. Phil. Yale University, December 2014. Renaissance Studies and Spanish.

M.A.      Yale University, May 2013. Renaissance Studies and Spanish.

B.A.       New York University, May 2011. Spanish and Italian, summa cum laude.


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