Undergraduate Placement Exam and Information

Undergraduate Spanish Make-up Placement Exam

For Spanish F15

The online Spanish Make-up Placement Exam opens from Friday, August 31st (9:00 AM) and closes Wednesday, September 3rd at noon. 

You must complete the exam by noon on September 3rd, 2015. Scroll down for instructions.

The Spanish Placement exam’s sole purpose is to correctly place you in the proper level so that you will get the most out of your academic experience in one of our courses. Your exam will be evaluated by our department and you will be placed in the appropriate level. The exam is to be taken by you without any outside help or access to resources or materials.

All students, including native speakers, who have been exposed to Spanish whether formally or informally, who wish to enroll in a Spanish language course must take the placement examination.

Please Note: If you are a Heritage Speaker (if you have been exposed to Spanish at home), please contact Sybil Alexandrov (sybil.alexandrov@yale.edu), instructor for the Spanish for the Heritage speaker course, who can give you specific instructions on taking the Heritage Spanish Placement Exam. Please do not take the General Placement Exam.

Exemptions. If you have any of the following scores:

1) AP 5 on either of the Spanish Advanced Placement (AP) tests, or

2) IB 6 or 7 on the Advanced-Level International Baccalaureate (IB) exam, or

3) C1 on the CEFR European test, or

4) L5 on the Yale Spanish placement exam, or

5) if you have successfully completed L4 (SPAN 140, SPAN 142 or SPAN 145) at Yale,

— with any one of those listed scores or courses, you do not have to take the placement exam, and may register directly for any L5 course.

Students who have never studied Spanish, formally or informally, do not have to take the full exam but must fill out a brief questionnaire on the same site (http://classesv2.yale.edu) prior to pre-registration.

Students will need their NetID to log on to the exam, which may only be taken once during the specified time frame.

1. Log in with your NetID at http://classesv2.yale.edu

2. Under “My Workspace” click “Membership” and then “Joinable Sites.”

3. In the search box on the right side of the screen, type “Spanish Placement F1 ” and then click “Search.” You will see the Spanish Placement site and under it the word “Join” that you should click.

4. If you then see the disconcerting message that there are no joinable sites matching your search of “Spanish Placement F1,” you’ll know that you have now successfully joined the site.

5. Click the Tab for “Spanish Placement F1” either on the top of the screen or under “My
Active Sites” tab.

6. The site will provide directions for proceeding with the exam.

Results of the online placement examination will be available by Friday, August 28th.  Students placed in levels L1 through L4 will then follow the instructions on the Department of Spanish & Portuguese website to pre-register for places in Spanish language courses for Fall 2015.


Placement results will be posted on the left-hand menu of Spanish Placement Site, click on Placement Results.

Follow the links on the Spanish & Portuguese department homepage, under “Announcements” and “Mandatory preregistration.”  If you miss preregistration, you should contact the course director for the level in which you were placed:

L1 Maripaz García (maripaz.garcia@yale.edu)
L2 Juliana Ramos Ruano (juliana.ramos-ruano@yale.edu)
L3 Lissette Reymundi (lissette.reymundi@yale.edu)
L4 Rosamaría León (rosamaría.leon@yale.edu)

For Portuguese

Director of Undergraduate studies: K. David Jackson, 82–90 Wall St., 432-7608,

Portuguese is taught at Yale as part of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese; the names of departmental faculty members teaching Portuguese courses appear in the faculty list under “Spanish.”

The major in Portuguese is a liberal arts major intended to develop competence in the Portuguese language and to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the literatures and cultures of Portugal, Brazil, and African and Asian lands of Portuguese language or influence.

Students begin the study of Portuguese with PORT 110 or 125, elementary courses without prerequisites. After two years of Portuguese language study, students have sufficient proficiency to take advanced courses in Luso-Brazilian literature and culture.

The standard major, for which the prerequisite is PORT 140 or the equivalent, consists of twelve term courses. Students must take at least two term courses each in the literatures of Portugal and of Brazil. In completing their programs, students may elect up to four courses in other languages and literatures, anthropology, history, or history of art, or from study abroad, that are related to their field of study and approved by the director of undergraduate studies. Juniors and seniors majoring in Portuguese may, with the permission of the instructor and the director of graduate studies, enroll in graduate courses in Portuguese.

Senior requirements: All majors must either present a senior essay or take the departmental examination. The essay is written in PORT 491 or 492. A maximum of two credits counts toward the major. The examination is both written and oral and covers three periods of Portuguese and Brazilian literatures.


All students who have not yet taken Portuguese at Yale are expected to take the departmental placement test, with the exception of students who have no previous knowledge of Portuguese whatsoever.  The departmental placement test covers reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.


Prerequisite PORT 140 or equivalent

Please see Prof. K. David Jackson.