Creative Multimodal Projects Contest


The Department of Spanish & Portuguese wishes to recognize creative projects, such as multimodal projects, podcasts, audiovisual media, websites, etc., on or about Hispanophone cultures by undergraduates in Yale College. Send us your projects! 

Judges will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place recognition. All winners will receive a certificate and gift card for use at a New Haven restaurant.
Submit your creative projects by April 27 using this formOpen to Yale College students in Spanish or Portuguese. 



The jury will carefully weigh the de facto or possible intellectual or public contribution of the project. Sample questions we will consider during selection: Will the project frame new conversations in the relevant subject area? Are the methods used in the project appropriate to the research questions it poses? Do the project’s methods contribute to an important public conversation?

The jury will consider the design of the project in terms of its relationship to the purported intellectual contribution of a given project. The jury may ask questions like: How do effort and resources used in the project match its import? How do the graphic, sonoric and interface design elements of the project contribute to the goals of the intellectual contribution?