IBERIAN NIGHTS: Thirteen evenings of conversation, Fall 2023

August 11, 2023
Beginning September 11, Save the dates!
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Literature and Survival
Thirteen evenings of conversation, Fall 2023

Iberian Connections — The Creative Forum — Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Early Modern Studies Program – Medieval Studies Program –Department of Comparative Literature – Whitney Humanities Center

Description: This series is inspired by the spirit of Sheherazade, Dhuoda, Christine de Pizan, Teresa de Cartagena, the pequeñas mujeres rojas and so many others for whom the practice of literature –in many of its facets– was the matter of survival. They existed in circumstances of physical and sexual violence, of civil war, of racial discrimination, of isolation; they also lived in circumstances that cannot be properly expressed outside their own experiments with literature.
Our guests write from many directions, for many audiences, for many souls. Novels, reviews, the lives of afrodescendent people, dance, race, sexual violences, asylum briefs, and so many other forms of polyhedric writing that explore the limits of literature –and those of survival. They will be in conversation about their work, about their thought and, certainly, about the joys and frustrations of the literary worlds they inhabit.
5 to 7 pm each evening in HQ 276* and Zoom, light refreshments
For Zoom registration, visit The Creative Forum.
*Except where noted


5:30 to 7:30 pm each evening in HQ 276 (except where noted) and Zoom, light refreshments.

For Zoom registration and more information, visit The Creative Forum.

  • First Night. September 11th. Book Night: With Ada Kuskowsi’s new book Vernacular Law (Cambridge University Press, 2023). In conversation with Laurent Mayali (Robbins Collection, UC Berkeley Law) and Tom Johnson (York, UK). Introduction by Lindsay Stern (Harvard).
  • Second Night. September 20th: Irina Dumitrescu (University of Bonn). In conversation with Casandra Garza Reséndez and Camila Roxana Marcone.
  • Third Night. September 27th: Jeanne Rosine Abomo (Washington University, Saint Louis). In conversation with Iliana Vásquez González. This session will be held in HQ 134.
  • Fourth Night. October 2nd: Book night: With Sarah Quesada’s new book The African Heritage of Latinx and Caribbean Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2022). In conversation with Santiago Acosta and Daniela Jara.
  • Fifth Night. October 9th: Selby Wynn Schwartz (Stanford University). In conversation with Inês Forjaz de Lacerda and Sofía Fernández González.
  • Sixth Night. October 16th: Book Night: With Yuri Herrera’s new book La estación del pantano (Periférica, 2022). In conversation with Alan Mendoza Sosa and Orit Gugenheim Katz.
  • Seventh Night. October 23rd. Book Night: With Miguel Valerio’s new, award-winning book Sovereign Joy (Cambridge University Press, 2022). In conversation with Lindsay Stern (Harvard) and Lisa Voigt.
  • Eighth Night. November 6th: Julie Stone Peters (Columbia University). In conversation with Yijing Zhang and Martha Engvall.
  • Ninth Night. November 14th: Marta Sanz (Author, Madrid). In conversation with Brais Lamela Gómez and Katherina Frangi.
  • Tenth Night. November 15th: Marta Sanz (Author, Madrid). In conversation with Aurélie Vialette (Stony Brook University).
  • Eleventh and Twelfth Nights. November 17-18th. On Witchcraft. With: Lexie Cook (University of Durham, UK), Soazick Kerneis (University of Paris- Nanterre), Julie Stone Peters (Columbia University), Paola Uparela (University of Florida). Ana Fernandez Blazquez, Esteban Crespo, and Daniela Jara.
  • Thirteenth Night. November 29th: Rachel Schine (University of Maryland). In conversation with Ana Fernández Blázquez
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