K. David Jackson Latest Publication, “Cannibal Angels” Book Release

book cover of David Jackson's latest book, "Cannibal Angels". image shows a line drawing of a cactus and distorted human figure whose legs are larger than the rest of the body. figure is seated.
April 20, 2021

Cannibal Angels is the latest work from K. David Jackson. Details below:

The taped debate for Cannibal Angels can be viewed here. Organized by Prof. José Jobim (U. Federal Fluminense) in Rio, this debate links specialists from Rio, Manchester (UK) and Madison, WI.  It starts with Prof. Jackson’s explanation of the book and then commentary (and reply) from the three participants, Prof. Lucia Sá (Manchester), Luís Madureira (U Wisconsin) and João Cezar de Rocha (Universidade do Estado do Rio).