Advanced Language Certificate in Spanish

Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Yale University
Guidelines for the Advanced Language Certificate in Spanish

If you would like to fulfill, or have fulfilled the certificate requirements, please fill out the Declaration of Candidacy for a Certificate form, using this link:

 Once completed, the form sends notification emails to the certificate advisor and to Yale University’s Registrar so that your degree audit can be updated with the Certificate of Advanced Language Study in Spanish. All transcripts are updated to reflect the Language Certificate at the time the student’s degree is conferred.

1. Eligible courses include all those SPAN courses at the 200 or 300 level which hold an L5 designation (that is, they are taught entirely in Spanish).

2. First-year seminars taught in Spanish count as courses in the SPAN 231–299 range.

3. At least one of the four required courses must be Yale College L5 course at the 300 level (an advanced undergraduate course or seminar). With the approval of the DUS for Spanish, one advanced non-L5 course, conducted entirely in Spanish, such as an independent study course (may be graded pass/fail) or a graduate seminar, may count toward certification requirements.

4. A maximum of one course may be taken abroad, as part of a Yale or Yale designated program. Students must take the necessary steps to ensure that any DUS-approved non-Yale course appears on their transcripts or Degree Audit record.

5. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. Students must achieve a grade of B or above. Courses taken Credit/D/Fail will not be counted for the certificate.

6. The DUS for Spanish will review and approve all courses to be applied to the certificate.

7. Students must fill out a  Declaration of Candidacy for a Certificate Form , found on the University Registrar site so that the certificate can be added to the student’s Degree Audit.