Spanish Language Course Registration Fall 2024 - Yale College

The department no longer uses preference selection for its language courses.

Mandatory Placement Exam Information – For those who have not yet studied Spanish at Yale or have never studied Spanish before. There are three situations in which students are exempted from taking the placement exam:

• You are a true beginner (meaning you have never studied Spanish before). You may enroll in SPAN 110 directly.

• You received a 5 on the AP Spanish Language OR Literature exam. (You may enroll in any L5 language or literature course)

• You received a 6 on the high-level IB exam (You may enroll in any L5 language or literature course)

For more information, read our Placement Exam FAQ here.

Registration Information for Yale College Students

Each Yale College Cohort will register for fall courses beginning on different days during the week of April 15. You can find the date that registration opens for you hereRegistration ends May 17. 

To register for a Spanish language course, add the course section to your registration worksheet in Yale Course Search.

If the section is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist by following the instructions outlined here. The course will show in the Worksheet Contents: the hourglass icon means that you are on the waitlist for the course.

 You will receive an email when a seat becomes available in that section and will have 24 hours to claim your spot. See below on how to complete your registration once offered a spot.

Claiming your Spot

If you receive an email that a seat has become available, simply log into Yale Course Search and open your Registration Worksheet to claim your seat. You will see the waitlisted course’s hourglass icon change to a checkmark, which means that you are now registered for the course. Remember that you have 24 hours to claim your seat.

For all information regarding the waitlist, including how to check your place in line and remove yourself from the list, click here.

University Registration Website (for general instruction, deadlines, FAQ)

 For questions related to Spanish language course registration only, please contact the Coordinator of the relevant section for L1-L4. (L1, SPAN 110: Sarah Glenski; L2, SPAN 120:  Mayte López; L3, SPAN 130: Noelia Sánchez-Walker;  L4, SPAN 140:  Ian Russell). For L5 please contact the instructor of the course.

Questions related to Portuguese course registration:

For general registration inquiries or technical difficulties, please contact the University Registrar’s Office,