Leslie Harkema

In Spanish Modernism and the Poetics of Youth: From Miguel de Unamuno to La Joven Literatura, Leslie J. Harkema analyzes the literature of the modernist period in Spain in light of the emergence of youth culture in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
R Howard Bloch

In the tradition of The Swerve comes this thrilling, detective-like work of literary history that reveals how a poem created the world we live in today.
Leslie Harkema

Edited by Antonio Ochoa, with an introduction by William Rowe. Translated from Spanish by Leslie Harkema, Ruth Hemus, David Nielsen & Antonio Ochoa.  

Law and History in Cervantes’ Don Quixote is a deep consideration of the intellectual environment that gave rise to Cervantes’ seminal work. Susan Byrne demonstrates how Cervantes synthesized the debates surrounding the two most authoritative discourses of his era – those of law and history – into...
Roberto González Echevarría

Latin American writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez, and many others are admired by educated readers around the world. But few know about the literary tradition from which these writers emerged. This Very Short Introduction remedies this situation, providing an overview of...
Rolena Adorno

A vivid account of the literary culture of the Spanish-speaking Americas from the time of Columbus to Latin American Independence, this Very Short Introduction explores the origins of Latin American literature in Spanish and tells the story of how Spanish literary language developed and flourished...
Roberto González Echevarría

A partir del derecho indiano, la ciencia decimonónica y la antropología, González Echevarría estudia la narrativa latinoamericana desde una perspectiva histórica con el fin de discernir el nexo de ésta con los discursos hegemónicos en América Latina, desde la Colonia hasta el presente. La picaresca...
Roberto González Echevarría

In the Cuban town of Sagua la Grande, a young Roberto González Echevarría peers out the window of his family home on the morning of the Nochebuena fiesta as preparations begin for the slaughter of a feast-day pig. He recalls “watching them at a distance, though thinking, fearing, that once I grew...
Noël Valis

Como lo kitsch, lo cursi evoca la idea del mal gusto, pero es un concepto con más implicaciones. La cursilería ha sido un fenómeno cultural muy difundido en la sociedad española desde el siglo XIX, el poder europeo más resistente a la modernización económica y social. Un país caracterizado por una...
Anibal González-Pérez

Redentores by Manuel Zeno Gandía Critical edition by Aníbal González-Pérez