Maria Carolina Baffi

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Senior Lector I
Ph.D. Columbia University (2017)

Carolina earned a PhD in Latin American Literatures and Cultures from Columbia University in 2017. She has taught at Columbia, Northwestern University, and Southern Connecticut State. Currently she is working on a book project, titled The Avant-Garde in the Tabloids: Episodes of Cultural Reconfiguration in the Argentine Popular Press of the 1920s, which argues that a strong redefinition of the notions of author, genre, and ‘work,’ the labor of writing, took place there. Her new project studies literary spaces as important loci of resistance and experimentation for Latin American women. The research centers on the figure of the “poetisa,” and the spaces reserved, outside the public and elitist frays, for her practices. Carolina’s interests include literary theory, avant-garde literary practices, poetry and poetics, short forms, and visual culture, especially photography.