Rudiger Campe

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Alfred C. and Martha F. Mohr Professor of German Languages and Literatures

In the fall of 2016, Rudiger Campe is a fellow at the IFK in Vienna as Director’s Invitee where he will be working towards a book on the “novel of the institution.” In the spring 2017, he is to teach a course on the work of Georg Büchner in the German-French context and a philosophy section in Directed Studies. In addition, he is, with Francesco Casetti and Craig Buckley, con-convener of the Sawyer Seminar The Excesssive Screen to be launched in the spring 2017.

Selected recent Academic Awards and Achievements:        

  • 2016  Fellow, Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften, Vienna    
  • 2014 Presentation of the Luebeck Lecture at the Ohio State University
  • 2013 Presentation of the Szondi-Lecture, FU Berlin
  • 2012-2014 Fellow, Whitney Humanities Center
  • 2011 Humboldt Research Award


  • 2016- Professor of Comparative Literature, Yale University
  • 2007- Professor of German, Yale University
  • 2001-2007 Professor of German, Johns Hopkins University

Latest Books and Co-Edited Volumes:

Latest Article Publications:

  • „Grundlagen und Funktion des Romans“: Heimito von Doderer and the Theory of the Novel, in E. Geulen (Ed.), Doderers „Dämonen“-Roman (Berlin, 2016).
  • Baumgartens Ästhetik: Metaphysik und techne, Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Kunst (2016).
  • Vor Augen Stellen. Über den Rahmen rhetorischer Bildgebung, in H. Lethen, L. Jäger, A. Koschorke (Eds.), Zum Problem der Evidenz in den Kulturwissenschaften. Ein Reader (2015, revised reprint).
  • Verhaltenslehre der Gelegenheiten oder Okkasionalismus? Zu einem Thema zwischen Barock und  Romantik, Revue. Magazine for the Next Society (2015, Festschrift Dirk Baecker).
  • Rhetoric’s Flirtation with Literature. From Gorgias to Aristotle: The Epideictic Genre. In  D. Hoffmann-Schwartz, B. N. Nagel, L. S. Stone (Ed.): Flirtations. Rhetoric and Aesthetics this Side of Seduction (Fordham, 2015), 37-50.

Latest Papers, Presentations, Reader’s Reports and Reviews:

  • July 2016. Flucht und Fürsprache in Aischylos‘ „Eumeniden.“ Lecture, University of Konstanz
  • May 2016. Die Literatur und die Humanities: Vico, Dilthey, Foucault. Lecture, FU Berlin
  • March  2016. What it has been we wanted to know. Husserl’s “Crisis,” and the Future and Beginnings of Deconstructing the Humanities, Lecture, ACLA, Harvard
  • March 2016. Literature and the Humanities: Vico, Dilthey, Foucault. Lecture Rice University
  • July 2015. Work on the ‚Scene of Writing‘: Old and New, Workshop Unversity of Erfurt.

complete list of publications, July 2014 (PDF)