Torin Spangler

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Lector of Portuguese

Torin is completing his PhD in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Brown University. He holds an M.A. in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies from Brown University, an M.A. in African Languages and Cultures from Leiden University, Netherlands, a Post-Graduate Degree in Translation Practices from the University of Lisbon, Portugal and a B.A. in History from McGill University, QC, Canada. 

Torin is currently researching the history of Angola’s Kwanza River and images of that history as viewed through Angolan literature. His past research has similarly been focused on the relationship between history and literature in Lusophone Africa (African countries where Portuguese is an official language).  

In addition to his five years’ experience as a Portuguese instructor at Brown University, Torin has had extensive experience both as a language instructor – having taught English and French in Portugal and Brazil – and as a translator.