Undergraduate Studies in Spanish

The major in Spanish is a liberal arts major that offers a wide range of courses in the language, literatures, and cultures of the twenty Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and Latin America. Today Spanish is the second language of the United States, one of the three most widely spoken languages in the world, and one of the five diplomatic languages of the United Nations. The program in Spanish provides students with the opportunity to acquire thorough linguistic proficiency as well as in-depth knowledge of cultural and literary topics. The Spanish major opens up a world of literature, history, philosophy, art and culture, and is an excellent preparation for careers in law, diplomacy, medicine, business, the arts, academics, journalism, and education. Students may also select Spanish as one of two majors, and should consult with the DUS about a specialized course of study.

Course Offerings FY 2020-21

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Grid FY 2020-21

Requirements for the major 

Prerequisite: SPAN 140, 142, 145, or equivalent.

Number of courses: Ten term courses beyond the prerequisite (including the senior requirement).

Specific requirements:

  • Students may take a maximum of one course from SPAN 200 -230.
  • Students must take five courses numbered SPAN 300 or higher.
  • Students must complete the senior essay (SPAN 491) in their final year.
  • Students may take a maximum of one SPAN course taught in English, with DUS approval.

*First-year seminars taught in Spanish count toward the major in the SPAN 231 - 99 range.

*Up to four approved courses taken abroad may count toward the major.

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