The Spanish or Portuguese Graduate Student Translation Exam

Fall 2020


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Date:  October 29th or October 30th (student’s choice)

Time:  See registration form to sign up for a time.


For graduate students in other departments who must fulfill a foreign language requirement.

Please choose a two-hour time window on either Thursday, Oct 29 or Friday, Oct 30 in which to complete your translations. 

You will be sent the passages to translate 5 minutes before your chosen time.
You may use a physical Spanish-English or Portuguese-English dictionary. 


A physical print Spanish-English or Portuguese-English dictionary may be used for the exam.

The exam consists of two passages in Spanish or Portuguese to be translated into English. One passage consists of expository prose; the other is a narrative prose text.

For questions, please email Julia DiVincenzo,


Sample Passages for the Spanish Translation Exam: